Friday, 21 November 2014

Review: Kiko Lip Liner Pencils

Over the last year or so, I have tried several of Kiko's offerings. To date this brand has not put a foot wrong in my make up collection, and today I wanted to tell you how special their lipliners are. They come in several different formula and there are dozens of colours to choose from. I don't think I need shop elsewhere for lip liners.

Here's a few of my favourites:

Kiko Smart lip Pencil in 711 and 712
This is a creamy, easy to apply traditional pencil. The sort that is easy to blend all over the lips as a base. I particularly love the colours in this range, 712 goes beautifully under MAC Patisserie and 711 with MAC Plumful. Inexpensive at £2.50, I bought on these on offer, at just £1.90. Bargain.

Kiko Ultra Glossy Lip Pencil (no longer available online)
In effect, a lip gloss in a pencil form. Perfect, therefore, for using with lip gloss. I took a few of these, in bright shades, on holiday with me. They have a fruity scent, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love.

Kiko Ace of Diamond Lip Pencil in 27
I so love the colour of this LE automatic pencil, that I tend to wear it without another lipstick on top. I may smoosh some lip balm in for good measure, but a swipe of this and you've got a bold clean lip that lasts for hours.

Kiko Automatic Precision Lip Pencil in 505
I was looking for a good match for MAC Russian Red, so I took it with me to the Kiko store and this is what I came out with. The most expensive of those shown here, this is a bargain at just £5.90 (or £3.90 on offer).
With a twist up automatic nib, this matte finish formula also has a sharpener tucked away at the other end, beneath a soft rubber blending tool. This baby stays put, so blending is a good idea if you don't want a tide- line later in the day. 

Have you tried Kiko's lip liners?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Dupe: A (better than) dupe for Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner

If you buy Elle Magazine this month, you'll get a free Benefit Push-up liner sample. I like Benefit's products, but some are rather 'gimmicky', plus they don't always do what they say on the tin. Before I buy Benefit, I do my research.

I think the Benefit Push-Up liner launched about a year ago, but the bloggers I follow were not impressed, so I gave it a miss. 

So when it came to trying out the sample, surprisingly, I found it really easy to use. I was most impressed at how it lasted all day. A full size purchase was on the cards. I then wondered if there was a more reasonably priced dupe, and there is, and it's better...

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Liner in Black Excess is so incredibly similar to Benefit's offering,  but at £8.99 (compared to £18.50) it's nearly half the price. 
  • Both pens deliver the cream-gel black liner in the same way, through a silicon tip. 
  • The Maybelline one has a slightly different angle to it that somehow makes it even easier to use, because there is less drag? 
  • Both claim to be waterproof and are incredibly long lasting. I haven't found any difference in wear time. 

Have you tried this type of eyeliner?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dry Hair Heroes

Colouring my hair is something that I now 'need' to do rather than 'want' to do (pesky grey hairs I'm talking about you). Permanent colouring is drying on the hair. Heat styling comes a close second. I also find that central heating saps more moisture from my locks come winter. 
My dry hair needs both protection and treatment to keep it in the best shape possible. I have been using these three products for some time now. They have been repurchased time and again, and I keep a back up of each, in case they are suddenly discontinued.

I started using the hydrating version of Pureology Shampoo (in a purple bottle) on the recommendation of my hairdresser. I moved over to this one because I fancied a change. When my hair was longer, the ends were apt to be frizzy, but this worked a treat. Pureology shampoos are great for coloured hair and prevent the colour from fading.

What a long name for a mask that doesn't take long to work wonders. I love this mask because it is not all sloppy and watered down. Use once (or twice a week for very dry hair) and you'll notice an immediate difference. I normally stock up on 3 for 2 at Boots, at £6 a tub it's not that expensive for a somewhat concentrated mask.

Mousses are usually for styling, but this different, a leave-in conditioner in a mousse form. There are two varieties, I use the one for coloured hair. However, I couldn't find a link for it on Boots/Superdrug,  I hope they haven't discontinued it! Still there's always Amazon to fall back on. 
I love how this product softens my hair, which seems to drink up this boost of moisture. It never feels sticky nor does it leave a build up of product on the hair. 

Do you have any dry hair heroes?
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