Friday, 28 March 2014

Online Pound Stores???


I have been incredibly busy with my studies. I am doing a Masters full time and it takes up so much of my day. I haven't written a post in weeks and it's about time I touched base.

I thought that I would quickly tell you about online pound stores.  Last week I received a couple of emails, but it wasn't until this morning that I remembered to take a look.

When I put 'online pound stores' into Google, I found that there are more than one of these available.

Anyway it seems like a really good idea. No traipsing around the aisles of those huge stores! Best of all shipping is free over £20, so it would be easy to stock up for the family. We get through tons of soap, deodorant and toothpaste in this house, I could easily make up an order with those items alone.

Here's a link to the one that I have looked at and will be making an order from. It's called

Lets have a look at my shopping list so far!
help me to concentrate

Great all round product

I like to keep the cats' areas clean

Summer is coming...

Useful for travel and long days out.

We get through a lot of soap.

£50 printed paper napkins...LOL

Love this, use it everyday.

Revlon lashes!!!

Any mask better than none at all!

Nice for travel

Brand that we all know and spf15!

Silly but fun and useful.

Goes with the cream above.

My favourite toothpaste!

So there we are! I think I need to throw a couple more items in the basket for the free delivery, but I will let you know how I get on...
At the moment this website does not ship outside the UK, but I am sure that similar ventures are available in other countries where discount one price retail exists.

Have you tried any online pound shops? What do you think?

Have a great day!

Bye for now
your BBFF xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014



My current life is mega busy... amongst the household cores, a masters degree and the children's ever needy requirements, I adopted a pair of 6 month old kittens, last week...

I adopted them through my local CPL, though I got the heads up on them from the lovely vetenary nurse at the surgery I use.

They are 6 month old sisters called Mimi and April, I left the naming to the kids.
After a week of nervously hiding, mostly under my bed, they are now fully 'comfy' in our abode. They are so sweet and funny and we all feel blessed that they have come into our lives.

Here are a couple of pics that the kids have taken. The first two April, the bottom one is Mimi.

Make up is still a part of my life! I just need to the next week and a bit out of the way in terms of academic commitments...I also have a blog sale planned for March, so check back soon!

Bye for now

Your BBFF xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review: Little Mix collection for Collection, the Eyeliners.

Hi there!

This is the second in my Little Mix collection for Collection series. Today I am going to review the three liquid liners that I purchased in my collective Little Mix haul before Christmas.

Each of the girls has a liquid liner, but I ending up buying just two of them, Jesy's and Jade's as well as the generic black liner that can be used with all the girls' looks. All the items cost £2.99, from Superdrug but at time of writing there's a special offer on...If you are not in the UK, you may be able to find this collection on ebay...

Lets have a look:
From top: Black Liquid Liner, Jesy's metallic liner. Jade's glitter liner.

All the girls looks can use a simple black liner.

The girls' liners come in simple clear packaging. The brushes attached to the coloured liners, as you can see, are really thin. I like the thickness or 'thiness' of the brushes because you can apply the colour under the lover lash line, which I think works better when it is thin.

 Jade's Metallic Liner:
The blue colour is just gorgeous under the lower lash line . I nearly didn't buy this, but  I am so glad I did. I also like to use glitter liners patted all over the lid. The only thing I did notice when I did these swatches, was that the blue colour stained the skin on the back of my hand. I didn't notice this when I wore it over eyeshadow, I guess the layer of shadow acted as a barrier.

Jesy's Metallic Liner:
The gold colour is a beautiful bronzey gold. I have only worn this once, as an eyeshadow, rather than a liner. The product is easily distributed over the lid with your ring finger. I paired this with the deep brown colour from the Jesy palette, in the outer corner and crease. It lasted really well...

Little Mix Black Liquid liner:
The black liner is different, it doesnt have a brush, but a pointed plastic 'bullet' shaped applicator.
I know we all like different things when it comes to liners, but I find this applicator easy to use. Far easier than a brush,and as far as the colour is concerned it is a completely matte black liner.

The best thing that I can tell you about this black liner is that I have worn this pretty much non stop since I bought it. The wear time is phenomenal, as good as a gel liner. I will often pack and smudge some eyeshadow over the top of it, but even worn alone, it doesn't flake, smudge or wear off. I have worn it for at least 12 hours and I think that it's well worth £2.99. I would also say that if you find liquid liner tricky to give this one a go. A definite repurchase for me.

So there we are. A great set of liners, the black in particular has been a great addition to my everyday make up bag.

Have you tried any of this collection yet?

Have a great day!

Your BBFF xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Some of my favourite You Tube Vloggers.


I don't watch that much television these days. Apart from a good history programme on BBC Four or perhaps a Netflix movie, 'en familie', I spend hardly any of my time watching the box.

I would rather catch up with some good You Tube vloggers, so today I thought that I would tell you about my favorites! I have put them into categories, as I see them. I have added a link to the relevant You Tube channel, just click on their name.

The Glam ones:
Makeup by Tiffany D :
 I like Tiffany's videos because her make up is always so immaculate and her tutorials are easy to follow. Sometimes I get 'Atlantic product envy', but normally there's something in my stash that can recreate the look.

Liana Beauty: 
Amelia is so lovely! She's based in London, but I love it when she creates videos on her glamorous holidays. What a very fortunate young lady she is! Amelia covers all the bases from hair to skincare and make up with lots of drugstore brands thrown in for good measure.

The Professional Ones:
Lisa Eldridge:
Tons of make up techniques, stories and a wide array of products that Lisa uses in her professional capacity make her videos unmissable. I have recreated some quite stunning looks (even if I say so myself) by following Lisa's tutorials.

Goss Makeup Artist:
Lots of techniques and tips again from Wayne, who is such a lovely guy to watch. I think that he's a You tube gem, and offers skincare advice for men as well as women.

You tube phenomenon, I love the tutorials especially! A must for technique hounds. I would love to spend the day with Nic and Sam!

The Young Ones:
I Covet Thee:
Alix is so understated and I love her make up style. If I had a daughter then I would be happy if Alix was her style icon!  A good mix of high end and high street cosmetics are reviewed and her tutorials are simple to recreate...

Estee makes me laugh so much, in a good way. She's a Canadian living in London,  I so love her cultural observations.
A good mix of videos on offer, hauls, empties, tags and reviews. I like her GRWM's and random chit chat!

The Real Ones:
Mrs Ginger:
Karen is the same age as me, and whether or not that has anything to do with it, we have very similar tastes in make up and skincare. I discovered Karen's channel just before Christmas, I think it was when I had bought some of the Little Mix cosmetics, anyway please go check her out and subscribe!!! I love Karen's natural style and the fact that she's 'real'. Her personality comes across so well and I hope that her channel goes from strength to strength.

So there you are. My favorite vloggers.

Who are your favorites? 

Bye for now

Your BBFF xxx

Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: Little Mix by Collection 'The Eyeshadows'


Back in early December, I decided that I needed to replace my old glitter liner 'Glam Crystals' by Collection 2000 (aka Collection). So, off to the shops I went...

When I got to the Collection stand in Superdrug, I noticed that they had a new range endorsed by the girl group  Little Mix. Not being a fan, I was not interested at first, mainly because I am a 41 year old mum, but then decided to have a quick 'swatcheroo' of the eyeshadow palettes and loose pigments, and was taken by how nice the colour and finish of the shadows were.

I decided to do my research before buying, so when I got back home, I got on to Google.

My research was fruitful and it seemed as if the LM for Collection was on not to be missed! I went back to Superdrug (not immediately you understand) shopping list in hand. Of course being Collection, all the items are cheap as chips, £3.19 and under.

I ended up with a small haul, followed by an online order, because some of the items I wanted were out of stock in store.
I thought that I would break up the two hauls into smaller reviews, with swatches and my thoughts, of course!

Lets have a look at some pics....

Each member of Little Mix has their own eyeshadow palette and one loose pigment shade in the collection too. I have all the palettes, but Jade's pigment was too similar to the dark shade in the palette, so I bought Perrie and Jesy's.

Jade's Palette:

Jade's palette is a mix of green and gold. The gold colour is a bit flakey and not massively pigmented, but I still like it and have used this as a top coat patted over the other colours. Look at how gorgeous the colours are!

Leigh- Anne's palette:

Leigh-Anne's palette is soft and golden. Beautiful with her complexion and mine!

The first two colours look too similar here compared to real life, but they are different! The texture and finish is particularly lovely with this palette and it's easy to pull out a pretty and neutral look.

Perrie's Palette:

Perrie's palette is smokey and cool. The first shade is a bit of a nightmare, lots of fall out and the silver glitter 'wonders'. However, with the help of a little Pixie Epoxy, this shadow works well. The silver is lovely, soft and well pigmented. The cream shade doesn't have a whole lot of pigment but when I used this palette, I treated this as a highlight shade.

Jesy's Palette:

Last, but not least, is Jesy's palette. This was one that I had to order as it was out of stock in store. It's a lovely little palette! The dark brown is very nearly matte and the copper and dark gold shades work well with my pale blue eyes. The gold is interesting because it has a faint green duochrome in there, which I love.

Which is my favorite palette? Well I have to say that I have used Jesy's the most, but I am pleased with all the palettes...the shadows blend well and wear as well as any other drugstore brand with the right primer underneath.

Jesy's Pigment:

Jesy's pigment or 'Dazzle Me Eyeshadow' as it is formally known, is a smooth, brightening apricot colour. It comes in a similar pot to the Barry M loose shadows, so beware if you are good at spilling make up. I wore this on it's own, with some liquid liner and mascara and it looked really nice. Pixie Epoxy will hold it in place all day for you. Glad I bought this.

Perrie's Pigment:

My photography doesn't show the nuance of this pigment, but it's gorgeous. I used this as a simple sweep over the lid over some smudged black khol liner and tons of mascara.

I wish that I had picked up Jade's pigment now, having used these two, maybe when my spending ban is over...

So if you are interested in picking up any of these, then I'd get to Superdrug soon (here's a link to buy online, free delivery over £10 at time of posting). There is money off this collection at the moment!

More LM for Collection to follow....

Have you tried any of the LM collection for Collection? 


 Have a great weekend!

Your BBFF xxx




Sunday, 5 January 2014

Discount Becca Cosmetics on Fragrance Direct!


Just to let you know that there are some heavily discounted Becca Cosmetics on sale at Fragrance Direct.

If you haven't shopped on Fragrance Direct before, they don't just sell fragrance, but also skincare, gifts and tons of make up. They have over 400 brands on their site and the stock is often updated and new stuff arrives all the time. Items are also liable to sell out, so it's best to buy before it's gone!

The postage is also incredibly reasonable, IMO,  £1.99 for standard postage and £2.99 express. There is also a new Collect+ service available at £3.99, useful if you cannot have a parcel delivered safely at home/work.
Postage to Europe is available, but due to the strict restrictions on what can be sent by air these days it is sent by land mail...more details on which can be found here.

Happy shopping!

Your BBFF xxxx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Review: Charlotte Tilbury cosmetic luxury palette in 'Dolce Vita'


The last review I did (here many moons ago) was the Charlotte Tilbury 'rock chick' palette which I purchased in Selfridges, not long after the brand was launched back in September.

I used the Rock Chick palette a lot throughout September, so when I had some birthday money at the end of October, I went back to get a 'warm' palette.

As I said in my previous review, there are 8 palettes in the CT range, whose names correspond to some of the 10 individual looks that Charlotte has created for the launch of her range.

The packaging is sleek, light and very shiny. Unfortunately, I have discovered that this particular palette does not shut properly with that reassuring 'click', as my Rock chick does. Shame.

All the palettes have the same idea of 4 colours called, prime, enhance, smoke and pop rather than individual shade names. The lightest (top left) is the prime shade which worn with the enhance shade next to it, makes for a great daytime look. If you want to smoke it up or add some 'bling' then the bottom two colours are used too.

All the swatches below were applied over TFSI and taken using different lighting conditions, full sun and then indoors.
As you can tell, these colours photograph differently and it was hard to get a good photo of the pop shade. The four swatches below are closest in terms of how the colours look to me in person.

Full sun
full sun


full sun



All the colours are creamy and well pigmented. I tend to apply them over a normal primer like TFSI and they wear really well. I would have preferred the smoke shade to have been a matte colour as it is in the 'rock chick' palette, as I like dark mattes in the crease. Saying that it's a slightly duochromatic colour leaning green in some lighting which makes it an interesting shade in itself.

The pop shade is not pigmented, because it is supposed to be a 'sparkle top coat' applied by patting with your ring finger on the lid as a finishing touch.

So, would I purchase any other CT palettes?

Well, at £38 each, they are certainly not cheap (think of all those UD Naked shades for less money!). However you can make several looks for one small, easy to take away quad. Here I have used the prime shade up to the brow, so I didn't need to look for a separate blending shade to do that job.

Overall I do like this palette, but have only used it a handful of times. I think that on me, at least, I prefer the colors in the rock chick palette, although these warm shades look nice, it's not a palette that I reach for. Perhaps I need to give it some love over the next week.

Have you tried any of the CT palettes?

Bye for now!

your BBFF xxx

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