Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Edit: My Top 5 Lipbalms

It's not that cold yet here in the UK, but I am starting to think about winter skincare, and for me that always means having a good arsenal of lipbalms. I keep one in every pocket and bag, indeed any surface area where 'little things' collect in our house.

I have picked my top 5. These are the ones not only smell good, but do a good job of saving my lips from the rigors of winter.

TBS Aloe Lip Care 
This is supposed to be for sensitive skin, with a soft natural fragrance that is hard to describe. It's a sort of balm-gelee hybrid and very effective at making parched lips feel human again in a couple of hours. User friendly applicator, good for using on the go (i.e. on public transport).

Cattier Paris Beurre de Karite.
This is 100% organic shea butter, any brand would do I suppose, but I picked up in Paris last year.  It is available in the UK, click on the name. The benefit of this is that it is completely natural and usable on the skin and hair too.

TBS Lemon Lip butter
This is the one I keep by my bed, I have been using it for months. I have had a few of these TBS lipbutters, but the formulae are not all the same, some are much firmer, and less moisturizing than others. They do all smell amazing though!

Blistex Intensive Moisturizer.
Very occasionally, I get that issue where the very corners of my mouth become cracked, but this always sorts things out. Very lightweight and I rather like the medicinal smell.

Maybelline Baby Lips
I was very late to the party here, but I do like how this product makes my lips feel. I would probably buy it in a clear version next time, then put a lipstick on top if I wanted some colour.

Do you have a favourite lipbalm?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Vera Mona Colour Switch: A must-have for eyeshadow junkies

A few months ago, I saw this video on Wayne Goss's YouTube channel and was intrigued. He was talking about a special sponge, designed by another MUA, that cleans make up brushes, without the use of alcohol or water. Wayne's demo was so good, I decided to purchase one.

It is quite expensive for a sponge (around £15-20), but after a bit of internet searching, I found that I could order a refill, postage included for under a fiver. As you can see, I already had an empty steam cream tin, so I thought that I would house the refill sponge inside this.  

The sponge came in a plastic bag sealed with a sticker, which I carefully peeled off and placed on the bottom of the tin.

I took it on holiday and it was fantastic! Perfect for when you want to use a single brush, like a MAC 217, to apply all your eyeshadows. When I got home from my hols, my use of this wonder product continued. I use it every single day. I have washed it through just the once in that time, with some clear liquid soap and left it to dry out of the tin. It dried in no time.

This has to be my best make up accessory buy of the year (if not my life!). I would not wish to be without it and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Would you buy a Vera Mona Colour Switch?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Chic Autumnal Nails

As the weather begins to feel decidedly cooler here in the UK, so does my choice of nail polish. I am a devotee of the monochromatic A/W wardrobe (it's so much easier to mix, match and layer). Aside from the classic red nail, I find that chic colours in the grey/ greige/ lavender family seem to work well with my sartorial uniform right now. 

Even the names are suggestive of the time of year. Essie's Warm and Toasty Turtleneck, is a steal for £2.49 on Fragrance Direct.

These Colour Club polishes came in a set, from TK Maxx some time ago, but I am currently loving the light soft lavender shade, Shabby Drab. The colour above has no name, but is a softened dark grey/ plum - rather unusual. 

Finally Mavala's Moon Grey is an old greige favourite. I love this because it suits my pale skintone and doesn't make my hands look like they belong to a cadaver, which some nude tones are apt to!

What's your favourite shade right now? 

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