Friday, 24 October 2014

Vera Mona Colour Switch: A must-have for eyeshadow junkies

A few months ago, I saw this video on Wayne Goss's YouTube channel and was intrigued. He was talking about a special sponge, designed by another MUA, that cleans make up brushes, without the use of alcohol or water. Wayne's demo was so good, I decided to purchase one.

It is quite expensive for a sponge (around £15-20), but after a bit of internet searching, I found that I could order a refill, postage included for under a fiver. As you can see, I already had an empty steam cream tin, so I thought that I would house the refill sponge inside this.  

The sponge came in a plastic bag sealed with a sticker, which I carefully peeled off and placed on the bottom of the tin.

I took it on holiday and it was fantastic! Perfect for when you want to use a single brush, like a MAC 217, to apply all your eyeshadows. When I got home from my hols, my use of this wonder product continued. I use it every single day. I have washed it through just the once in that time, with some clear liquid soap and left it to dry out of the tin. It dried in no time.

This has to be my best make up accessory buy of the year (if not my life!). I would not wish to be without it and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Would you buy a Vera Mona Colour Switch?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Chic Autumnal Nails

As the weather begins to feel decidedly cooler here in the UK, so does my choice of nail polish. I am a devotee of the monochromatic A/W wardrobe (it's so much easier to mix, match and layer). Aside from the classic red nail, I find that chic colours in the grey/ greige/ lavender family seem to work well with my sartorial uniform right now. 

Even the names are suggestive of the time of year. Essie's Warm and Toasty Turtleneck, is a steal for £2.49 on Fragrance Direct.

These Colour Club polishes came in a set, from TK Maxx some time ago, but I am currently loving the light soft lavender shade, Shabby Drab. The colour above has no name, but is a softened dark grey/ plum - rather unusual. 

Finally Mavala's Moon Grey is an old greige favourite. I love this because it suits my pale skintone and doesn't make my hands look like they belong to a cadaver, which some nude tones are apt to!

What's your favourite shade right now? 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Review: Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends) Co Lab Dry Shampoo

Those who follow AMR blog and YouTube channel will know that Ruth recently launched an invisible dry shampoo range. As much as I would have loved to have been at the launch party to receive a goodie bag, I had to visit my local Superdrug to get my hands on this product.

Invisible dry shampoos are not new. I have used the Tresemme one for the last couple of years, replacing the good (but not invisible) Batiste. If you've darker hair, an invisible formula is a great idea.

I have used the Co Lab three times now, here's my thoughts.
  •  I love the scent. To my nose, London is a slightly sweeter, floral version of CK one. Fresh. The scent lasts around 2 hours after application on my hair.
  • The product is invisible. Even if you sprayed and didn't 'ruffle' your fingers through your roots, no one would be the wiser. 
  • The product comes out with a really decent 'blast' . Not only did this wake me up the first time I used it, but it does mean that the product is getting to the roots, good and proper!
I wash my hair, on average, 4 times a week. On the other days, I like to blast my temples with a dry shampoo. Co Lab is perfect for this, absorbing any excess oil (from overnight moisturizers) and freshening the look of my hair. It never feels gritty, nor make my hair look dry. Perfect too for the 'undone' Olsen look.

It's also incredibly good value. Superdrug have it on offer right now on both the 200ml size and a dinky 50ml size, perfect for travel.

Well done Ruth. I hope that the project has been a rewarding experience for you! I cannot wait to try another scent in the range, next time I purchase Co Lab!

Have you tried Co Lab? Which is your favourite scent? 

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